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Todd Charles Wood, Core Academy president and professor of biochemistry. Dr. Wood is a graduate of Liberty University and the University of Virginia. He worked for thirteen years at Bryan College before starting Core Academy of Science. Dr. Wood authored or co-authored more than 40 technical papers, and he currently serves as president of the Creation Biology Society.

Roger W. Sanders, Core Academy vice president and professor of botany. Dr. Sanders is a graduate of the College of the Ozarks, the University of Michigan, and the University of Texas. He worked for many years as a professional botanist and later as a research professor at Bryan College. Dr. Sanders is the author of more than 50 papers, and he and his wife homeschooled their two children.

Stephanie R. Wood, Core Academy director of education. Mrs. Wood is a graduate of Cedarville University, with additional graduate studies from East Tennessee State University. She taught science classes for homeschool co-ops in Rhea County for 10 years before helping to start Core Academy of Science. Currently, she oversees all educational productions at Core Academy.

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