At Core Academy of Science, the learning never ends. We're constantly striving to learn new things as we use science to study God's creation. We publish our discoveries in journals and in our own monograph series, Core Issues in Creation. For all researchers, we provide research tools like the Creation Evolution Literature Database and our physical research library. All of this work brings us closer to answering the great mysteries of creation and ultimately draws us closer to the Creator Himself.

Ongoing Research

Created Kinds. The focus of our longest-running project is discovering ways to recognize God's original "created kinds." We know that each of the thousands of individual species on the planet today descended from a smaller number of created kinds. Classifying species into kinds, however, is harder than it sounds. Core Academy scientists are developing mathematical methods that use DNA and morphological data to find which species today descended from an original kind.

Death and Disease. A newer focus at Core Academy is the study of pathology in creation. Creationists believe in a perfect original creation without suffering. Theologically, death and disease came about from Adam's fall into sin, but the biological mechanisms by which disease originated are poorly understood. The Core Academy faculty work on projects related to disease-causing microbes, invasive species, and ecological outbreaks, all of which help us to better understand where suffering comes from.

Human Origins. Like most creationists, Core Academy scientists are very interested in understanding the origins of humans, both living and extinct. This work involves studying DNA, genomes, and fossils using our methods for recognizing created kinds. As we better understand our place in God's creation, we also better understand our place as God's image-bearers.


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    One of our most popular events, the Creation Retreat, brings together scientists and students from around the southeast.

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    Core Academy is a leading research center for young-age creationist biology. Read more about our studies and discoveries.

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    We offer a variety of educational programs to help Christians of all walks of life better understand how science impacts us all.

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    The Core Academcy of Science Library is one of the most comprehensive libraries pertaining to the creation/evolution issue. The online database is available for search and access is by appointment only.

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