Evidence for Holobaraminic Status of the Verbenaceae (Verbena Family)

R W Sanders


The baraminic status of the Verbenaceae s. str. was investigated using baraminic distance correlations, bootstrap analysis, and multidimensional scaling coordinates.  Data were obtained from personal observations and the literature for 80 characters in 25 genera of the Verbenaceae and 19 genera representing 8 near and far outgroup families.  Results showed continuity among members of the Verbenaceae and discontinuity of the Verbenaceae from all remaining families, supporting the holobaraminic status of the family.  The hypothesis that baramins approximate taxonomic families is corroborated, as is the distinction of the Verbenaceae s. str. from the Lamiaceae, including the subfamilies that have been transferred from the Verbenaceae s. l. to the Lamiaceae by recent cladistic and molecular analyses.

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