Are you a homeschool student or parent? Struggling with science? Through our partnership with, we offer a range of online, high school level courses designed to teach the basics of science while preserving and nourishing faith in Christ. Visit for more information.


Human Genesis presents and explains high quality information on human origins from a young-age creationist perspective. Human Genesis presents and explains high quality information on human origins from a young-age creationist perspective.


Short courses are a series of educational videos that are meant to inform the general public about topics surrounding the Creation/Evolution issue. Courses can be purchased to stream from Soon. Please check back this summer.

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  • Intro to Origins Part 1

    Taught by Core Academy president Todd Wood, part 1 introduces the modern landscape of the debate, explores the biblical issues, and concludes with a survey of astronomy and cosmogony.

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  • Intro to Origins Part 2

    Taught by Core Academy president Todd Wood, part 2 examines geological issues related to origins and concludes with a survey of the life and influence of Darwin.

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  • Intro to Origins Part 3

    Taught by Core Academy president Todd Wood, part 3 examines the issues related to biology and evolution.

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  • Origin of Species

    Darwin's Origin of Species is unquestionably one of the most controversial books among modern Evangelical Christians. In this course, Core Academy president Todd Wood will explain the book and its context, chapter by chapter. If you've ever wanted to know what all the fuss was about, this is a great way to find out for yourself.

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  • The Scopes Trial

    Join local historian Tom Davis as he explains the history of The Scopes Trial. Teaching on location in Dayton, Mr. Davis gives an intimate portrait of the background and motivations for the trial, as well as the lasting impact and legacy of the conflict. No matter what you know about the trial, you've never heard the story told like this.

  • Historical Adam
  • The Historical Adam

    Were Adam and Eve real people? Were they really the ancestors of all people? Does it even matter? The Historical Adam explores these questions in the light of Christian theology, paleontology, and the new science of molecular biology.

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  • Wildflowers of the Southern Appalachians

    The Smoky Mountains and the surrounding southern Appalachians are home to one of the most diverse arrays of wildflowers in the world. From spectacular trilliums to simple violets, the woods are bursting with beauty every spring. Core Academy scientist Roger Sanders will help you learn to recognize and appreciate God's handiwork in our short course Spring Wildflowers of the Southern Appalachians.


  • Smokies

    One of our most popular events, the Creation Retreat, brings together scientists and students from around the southeast.

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  • Research

    Core Academy is a leading research center for young-age creationist biology. Read more about our studies and discoveries.

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    We offer a variety of educational programs to help Christians of all walks of life better understand how science impacts us all.

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    The Core Academcy of Science Library is one of the most comprehensive libraries pertaining to the creation/evolution issue. The online database is available for search and access is by appointment only.

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    Core Academy of Science has published several books. Clicking through our link to purchase the books from will donate a portion of your purchase to Core Academy. Thank you.


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