Core Issues in Creation

An important part of research is the publication of results. Typically, research projects are published as papers in journals, but larger projects require a larger forum. Our monograph series Core Issues in Creation is our primary venue for publication of large research projects. In Core Issues, you will find book-length research reports, reprints of important works of the past, and collections of scholarly papers. Edited by the faculty of Core Academy, Core Issues are published by Wipf & Stock Publishers. Proposals for future volumes of Core Issues in Creation can be sent to

  1. A Creationist Review and Preliminary Analysis of the History, Geology, Climate and Biology of the Galapagos Islands, by Todd Charles Wood
  2. Johannes Buteo's On the Shape and Capacity of Noah's Ark, translated by Tim Griffith and Natali Monnette
  3. Animal and Plant Baramins, by Todd Charles Wood
  4. Christian Perspectives on the Origin of Species, ed. Paul Garner
  5. Genesis Kinds: Creationism and the Origin of Species, ed. Todd Charles Wood and Paul Garner
  6. A Critical Realist's Theological Method: Returning the Bible and Biblical Theology to Be the Framer for Theology and Science, by Douglas W. Kennard
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