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Contents of Proceedings of the Sixth International Conference on Creationism

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1. Boudreaux, EA; Baxter, EC. 2008.

Testing classical interactions between finite particles as a model of nuclear structure
ICC6 :3-6. CELD ID 22735.

2. Brown, GM. 2008.

Introduction and acceptance of a Classical Charge Fiber Model (CFM) of elementary particles evaluated by means of an online tutorial-based survey
ICC6 :7-30. CELD ID 22736.

3. Kennard, D. 2008.

A nuanced Lakatos philosophy of theology and science
ICC6 :31-41. CELD ID 22737.

4. Kennard, D. 2008.

Bio-ethics from image of God and soul
ICC6 :43-54. CELD ID 22738.

5. Zoschke, J. 2008.

A critique of the precreation chaos gap theory
ICC6 :55-70. CELD ID 22739.

6. Anderson, KL; Purdom, G. 2008.

A creationist perspective of beneficial mutations in bacteria
ICC6 :73-86. CELD ID 22740.

7. Baumgardner, J; Sanford, J; Brewer, W; Gibson, P; ReMine, W. 2008.

Mendel's Accountant: a new population genetics simulation tool for studying mutation and natural selection
ICC6 :87-98. CELD ID 22741.

8. Bergman, J. 2008.

Progressive evolution or degeneration?
ICC6 :99-110. CELD ID 22742.

9. Carter, RW; Criswell, D; Sanford, J. 2008.

The "Eve" mitochondrial consensus sequence
ICC6 :111-116. CELD ID 22743.

10. Fankhauser, G; Cumming, KB. 2008.

Snake hybridization: a case for intrabaraminic diversity
ICC6 :117-132. CELD ID 22744.

11. Gollmer, SM. 2008.

Modeling biochemical processes as designed systems
ICC6 :133-148. CELD ID 22745.

12. Purdom, G; Anderson, KL. 2008.

Analysis of Barry Hall's research of the E. coli ebg operon: understanding the implications for bacterial adaptation to adverse environments
ICC6 :149-163. CELD ID 22746.

13. Sanford, J; Baumgardner, J; Brewer, W; Gibson, P; ReMine, W. 2008.

Using numerical simulation to test the validity of neo-darwinian theory
ICC6 :165-175. CELD ID 22747.

14. Chaffin, EF. 2008.

Studies of the dependence of nuclear half-lives on changes in the strength of the nuclear force
ICC6 :179-192. CELD ID 22748.

15. Hartnett, J. 2008.

Starlight, time, and the new physics
ICC6 :193-203. CELD ID 22749.

16. Hill, R. 2008.

The tectonics of Venus and creation
ICC6 :205-212. CELD ID 22750.

17. Humphreys, DR. 2008.

The creation of cosmic magnetic fields
ICC6 :213-230. CELD ID 22751.

18. Matthews, M. 2008.

Evidence for an earth-centered universe
ICC6 :231-246. CELD ID 22752.

19. Prabhu, R; Horstemeyer, MF; Brewer, W. 2008.

Ocean circulation velocities over the continents during Noah's Flood
ICC6 :247-254. CELD ID 22753.

20. Samec, RG. 2008.

Is the moon's orbit "ringing" from an asteroid collision event which triggered the Flood?
ICC6 :255-261. CELD ID 22754.

21. Sherburn, JE; Horstemeyer, MF; Solanki, K. 2008.

Simulation analysis of glacial surging in the Des Moines Ice Lobe
ICC6 :263-273. CELD ID 22755.

22. Speir, R. 2008.

Distant high-energy sources and the cosmic microwave background in a Creation day 1 framework
ICC6 :275-291. CELD ID 22756.

23. Spencer, WR. 2008.

Our solar system: balancing biblical and scientific considerations
ICC6 :293-306. CELD ID 22757.

24. Vardiman, L. 2008.

A proposed mesoscale simulation of precipitation in Yosemite National Park with a warm ocean
ICC6 :307-319. CELD ID 22758.

25. Armitage, MH; Snelling, AA. 2008.

Radiohalos and diamonds: are diamonds really for ever?
ICC6 :323-334. CELD ID 22759.

26. DeYoung, DB. 2008.

Extinct isotopes and the age of the earth
ICC6 :335-338. CELD ID 22760.

27. Molens, M. 2008.

The ice age - it really was short
ICC6 :339-355. CELD ID 22761.

28. Silvestru, E. 2008.

Catastrophic subglacial drainage and rapid landscape formation in Canada, with special emphasis on the Niagara Escarpment
ICC6 :357-370. CELD ID 22762.

29. Snelling, AA. 2008.

Radiohalos in the Cooma Metamorphic Complex, New South Wales, Australia: the mode and rate of regional metamorphism
ICC6 :371-387. CELD ID 22763.

30. Snelling, AA. 2008.

Radiohalos in the Shap Granite, Lake District, England: evidence that removes objections to Flood geology
ICC6 :389-405. CELD ID 22764.

31. Snelling, AA. 2008.

Significance of highly discordant radioisotope dates for Precambrian amphibolites in Grand Canyon, USA
ICC6 :407-424. CELD ID 22765.

32. Whitmore, JH; Garner, P. 2008.

Using suites of criteria to recognize pre-Flood, Flood, and post-Flood strata in the rock record with application to Wyoming (USA)
ICC6 :425-448. CELD ID 22766.

33. Whitmore, JH; Wise, KP. 2008.

Rapid and early post-Flood mammalian diversification evidenced in the Green River Formation
ICC6 :449-457. CELD ID 22767.

34. Cook, KS; Deckard, SW; Morgan (Johnson), K. 2008.

Georgia public school board members' beliefs concerning the inclusion of creationism in the science curriculum
ICC6 :461-471. CELD ID 22768.

35. Deckard, SW; DeWitt, D; Pantana, J; Fyock, J. 2008.

Measurement of creation/evolution student attitudes and the importance of a correct understanding of worldview within a young-earth creation context
ICC6 :473-483. CELD ID 22769.

36. Habermehl, A. 2008.

A review of the search for Noah's Ark
ICC6 :485-502. CELD ID 22770.

37. Horstemeyer, MF; Sherburn, J; Polk, D; Bryant, A. 2008.

Structural dynamic stability of Noah's Ark
ICC6 :503-510. CELD ID 22771.

38. Wenger, DA. 2008.

Mapping structural knowledge of scientific creationism to direct information and object structure design in planning textbooks and educational materials
ICC6 :511-527. CELD ID 22772.

39. Woodmorappe, J. 2008.

Noah's Ark design: factoring partial composite action
ICC6 :529-533. CELD ID 22773.

40. Walsh, RE. 2008.

ICC6 :vii-ix. CELD ID 22774.

41. Moon, R. 2008.

ICC6 :x. CELD ID 22775.

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