Science in the news: Pond scum defies evolutionism
Ross, H. 1994.  Facts and Faith 8(2):1-3. CELD ID 6476

I could hardly believe my eyes. An obvious self-contradiction, "static evolution," appeared on the cover of Science News.1 The term (and the contradiction it implies) has been necessitated by a disturbing discovery in paleobiology-disturbing for evolutionists, that is. It appears that blue-green algae, or "pond scum," from which all other life forms are said to have evolved, has not changed at all in its few-billion-year history. This discovery is a challenge to the fundamental assumptions of both Darwinian evolution and punctuated equilibria. Darwinism says that life develops from simple forms to complex through the gradual processes of natural selection and mutations. Punctuated equilibria, proposed by Stephen J. Gould and Niles Eldredge, says that life developed over billions of years from simple forms to complex by sudden, naturally induced step-function changes.