"Exploding" with Life!
Rana, F; Ross, H. 2000.  Facts for Faith (2):12-17. CELD ID 5775

Dr. Paul Chien, chairman and professor of biology at the University of San Francisco, is not only a renowned zoologist with published papers in more than 50 journals and several international lecture tours to his credit; he is also a devout Christian bursting with spiritual vitality and with first-hand observations of the big news on biology's "big bang," the Cambrian Explosion. A senior fellow of the Discovery Institute, he is currently working with other leading researchers to interpret crucial Cambrian-era fossils unique to the Chengjiang region of China. In this two-part interview, Dr. Chien first talks about his life's journey to faith, then (beginning on page 15) he discusses how the Cambrian-era fossils fully support a biblical creation model.