The tables of the Ten Commandments and laser technology
Agrest, M; Agrest, MM. 2005.  BH 15:187-191. CELD ID 21540

According to the Mishnah the legendary shamir, the ktav, the mikhtav, and the tablets of the Ten Commandments were created at twilight before the first Sabbath. The Talmud and the Rashi say that the samir was used to split the stones of the First Temple. According to Rashi, the mikhtav was the stylus with which the letters (the ktav) were engraved on the tablets of the Ten Commandments. In the Talmud, Rabbi Hisda marvels at how the letters cut through the entire thickness of the tablets of the Ten Commandments and appeared in mirror image on the posterior side. Rabbi Hisda maintains it was a miracle that the center portions of the spare-shaped final letter mem and the elliptical shaped samekh stayed in place. Although by definition miracles do not have to be explained as scientifically observable phenomenon, Rabbi Hisda's description matches the way a laser can cut letters through stone. We suggest that the shamir was a laser that cut the letters by its mikhtav (a ray).