Liver transplantation from a living donor
Glatt, AE. 2006.  BH 16:83-93. CELD ID 21479

End stage cirrhosis-liver failure-secondary to many different etiologies or illnesses is a major cause of death. Cadaveric liver donations do not suffice to meet the current transplantation needs, and hence alternative options are necessary. The adult liver can regenerate, and modern surgical techniques have progressed to the stage where the donation and transplantation of part of a living donor's liver to another person is technologically feasible. Numerous medical, ethical, and halakhic issues are raised by this procedure. Is this surgery comparable to blood donation, or bone marrow, kidney or other tissue transplants taken from a live donor? What is the true risk to the donor? under what, if any, circumstances is any living donor bequest permitted? Is one required to donate if this will save a life? Does it matter if the recipient is a child or an adult? A relative or a friend? Using halakhic sources, we shall explore potential answers to these and related questions.