Moses Maimonides the physician
Rosner, F. 2006.  BH 16:57-65. CELD ID 21476

This paper will discuss the medical writings of Moses Maimonides and his practice of medicine. He stands out as one of the most illustrious physicians of all times. Maimonides died on December 13, 1204, and was buried in Tiberias. The Jewish, Christian, and Moslem worlds mourned him. His literary ability was incredible, and his knowledge encyclopedic. He mastered nearly everything known in the fields of theology, mathematics, law, philosophy, astronomy, ethics, and, or course, medicine. As a physician, he treated disease by the scientific method, not by guesswork, superstition, or rule of thumb. His attitude toward the practice of medicine came from his deep religious background, which made the preservation of life and health a Divine commandment. His inspiration lives on through the years, and his position as one of the medical giants of history is indelibly recorded. He served as the physician of sultans and princes, and, as Sir William Osler said, was the "Prince of Physicians." The heritage of his great medical writings is increasingly appreciated. Tot he Jewish people, Maimonides symbolized the highest possible human spiritual and intellectual achievement.