Prayers of the mothers for the rebuilding of the Temple
Katz, YL. 2002.  BH 13:219-222. CELD ID 21445

The following prayers were written by Yael Levine Katz as part of a larger work in Hebrew entitled Tehinnat H'Nahsim Le'Vinyan Ha'Mikdash, published by the Ekeh Publishing House in Tel Aviv, 1996. Written in the style of aggadic Midrash, this creative work offers the supplications of great Jewish women from biblical times through the end of the Second Temple to G-d to rebuild the Temple. Drawn from biblical, talmudic, midrashic, and aggadi literature, the poems show the deep connection between Jewish women and the Temple through the generations. For a discussion of the work see Yael Levine Katz, "Tehinnat Ha'Nahsim Le'Vinyan Ha'Mikdash," in Margalit Shiloh, ed., Lehiyot Isha Yehudiya (Jerusalem:2001) pp. 230-243, 344-348. Further information may be obtained from the author at