Creation and the symbiosis of science and Judaism
Samuelson, N. 2002.  BH 13:63-68. CELD ID 21427

Does G-d evolve? does the universe have or even need an interpretation, specifically with reference to the fact that most of the universe most of the time is uninhabitable, and there may be many more than one universe? Does the universe need a beginning? What is distinctive about human consciousness, intelligence, and ethics? Finally, will both life and the universe end? These questions are not only modern. They contain all the primary issues that have dominated rabbinic thought: How should we model what we believe about G-d; the world; and the human being; and how should we understand the relations between them, viz., between G-d and the world (or, creation); G-d and the human (or, revelation); and the human and the world (or, redemption). I focus here only on creation and summarize my conclusions on the correlation between science and Jewish texts. In my Judaism and the Doctrine of Creation (Cambridge University Press, 1994) I answer in full detail.