On the age of the universe
Poltorak, A. 2002.  BH 13:19-37. CELD ID 21423

The Jewish calendar dates the universe less than six thousand years old. The cosmological models of the universe at twelve to fifteen billion years. After critically examining both views, we consider the quantum-mechanical state of matter before and after the introduction of a conscious observer. The role of the observer's free will is examined. Definitions of physical and protophysical states of matter are proposed. We suggest that creation of the first conscious being with free will led to the collapse of the global quantum wave function, thereby bringing the world from a protophysical to a physical state. We propose that the total cosmological age of the universe has two periods: protophysical (twelve to fifteen billion years); and physical (a period no longer than that during which there has been a conscious human observer). This thesis is used to reconcile the biblical and scientific views on the age of the universe, as well as a kabbalistic controversy regarding sabbatical cycles.