And G-d said "Let there have been a Big Bang"
Rabinowitz, A. 2002.  BH 13:7-17. CELD ID 21422

This article is an excerpt from the author's book The Instant Universe, which points out that both the scientific and traditional origin accounts follow from their respective implicit fundamental assumptions. As the assumptions of one system are not provable within the realm of the other, the validity of one of these accounts should not be considered as negating the validity of the other. Not only is there no logical dissonance in accepting the validity of both, but the scientific origin theory could be considered as one of the traditional seventy facets of the creation account. The following excerpt shows how central elements of the traditional understanding of the origins of existence can be seen to follow from its conception of the purposive creation of a universe containing a fee-willed moral consciousness. Among other things, this approach shows why the differing conclusions of science and tradition on when the universe began are to be expected.