In blessed memory of Alvin Radkowsky
anonymous. 2002.  BH 13:3. CELD ID 21420

B'Or Ha'Torah mourns the passing of one of its chief advisors, authors, and friends, Professor Alvin Radkowsky. Born in Elizabeth, New Jersey, Alvin Radkowsky attended Yeshiva University, CCNY, George Washington University, and Catholic University, where he completed his doctorate in physics. From 1948 to 1972 he served as chief scientist of the Naval Nuclear Propulsion Project. In this capacity he helped Admiral Hyman Rickover design the first nuclear submarine and invented a prizewinning method for prolonging the life span of nuclear reactors. During this time Professor Radkowsky was active in the Orthodox synagogue and Talmud study group in Summit Hill, Maryland. He was a fellow of the American Nuclear Society and a member of the US National Academy of Engineering.