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Apologetics 101: Responding to religious pluralism
Samples, KR. 1998.  Facts and Faith 12(1):12-14. CELD ID 6647

Apologetics (from the Greek apologia, 1 Peter 3:15) refers to the branch of Christian theology that seeks to provide rational justification for the truth claim of Christianity. For nearly two thousand years Christian apologists have vigorously defended the faith. This defense has involved not only providing positive evidence for the faith but also answering question, confronting objections, and critiquing alternative (non-Christian) systems of thought. As the Christian church approaches its third millennium, what major apologetic challenges lie ahead? Given current trends-globalism, multiculturalism, and relativism (in both truth and morality)-religious pluralism looms large among them. Religious pluralism is the view that all religions, certainly all major religions, offer equally valid paths to God, or to ultimate reality.