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As I see it: Creation on the "firing line"
Ross, H. 1998.  Facts and Faith 12(1):6-7. CELD ID 6643

I applaud who producers of such individuals might include the Apostle Paul, St. Athanasius, St. Augustine, St. Thomas Aquinas, Martin Luther, John Calvin, Johannes Kepler, Blaise Pascal, Johann Sebastian Bach, John Wesley, and Jonathan Edwards, among many others. As that list grows to include twentieth-century names, it must include English scholar and writer C. S. Lewis. This distinguished bring spiritually significant issues to the little screen. Such an occasion presented itself in December, 1997, when William F. Buckley, Jr., featured seven panelists, four naturalistic evolutionists and three skeptics of the naturalistic view, on "Firing Line." The announced topic for this Public Broadcasting Service television program was the following question: Is there room within academia to consider creation as a possible explanation for the advance of Earth life?