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New developments in Martian meteorite
Ross, H. 1996.  Facts and Faith 10(4):1-3. CELD ID 6575

Interest in the Highly publicized Martian meteorite, ALH84001, still runs high. Ordinarily I would be thrilled to see science news make headlines for months on end. But in this case, I see a serious distortion of science and tabloid-like treatment in reputable news media signs of the times, perhaps. The impression created and widely disseminated is that the finding of so-called "life remains" on this meteorite spells victory for atheistic evolution and doom for the Christian (certainly, the evangelical) doctrine of creation.(1) I encountered this impression in Hong Kong and Japan. I meet it daily wherever I go despite growing recognition and public acknowledgment by the science community that claims for ALH84001 have been overrated and overstated.