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Let us reason: Who's right? Who's wrong?
Ross, H. 1996.  Facts and Faith 10(1):12-13. CELD ID 6552

How can a person know what to believe? This is a question I have heard repeatedly through the years but never more often than in recent weeks. The same radio and television stations that broadcast my messages also have been featuring programs with "doctors" (and others) who flatly, often adamantly, contradict me. These scholarly individuals assert, for example, that the big bang has been disproven, that new discoveries indicate dinosaurs and human beings coexisted, that geological and paleontological data proves that the entire fossil record and all oil and coal reserves were formed during the Genesis Flood, that science establishes that both the universe and the earth are younger than ten thousand years, and that the only valid interpretation of Genesis says that the sun, moon, and stars were created after the plants and that all life on Earth was created within the six twenty-four-hour days of one week. Their words sound as authoritative and convincing as mine, and the hosts interviewing them obviously are persuaded. Short of picking up advanced degrees in astronomy, geophysics, geology, paleontology, and theology or receiving a telegram directly from heaven how can we tell who is credible and who is not? Sincerity is not the issue.