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Progress toward resolution of the creation-date controversy
Ross, H. 1995.  Facts and Faith 9(1):12-13. CELD ID 6516

In recent letters, phone calls, faxes, and face-to-face conversations, people have asked me to comment on two books about creation, each arguing for six consecutive 24-hour creation days several thousand years ago in which the universe, the earth, and life all are formed. One is written by a Christian physicist, the other by a Jewish physicist, and both tackle the intractible problem of light travel time. To state the problem briefly, young-universe creationists must explain how light from galaxies eighty billion trillion miles away could reach the earth in about ten thousand years or less. Four hypotheses have been offered through the years: 1) that the universe is at least a million times smaller than astronomers say; 2) that the speed of light has decreased exponentially through the years; 3) that God created the light waves in transit; and 4) that light travels to earth along a geometric shortcut through space. And all these hypotheses have been shown false by scientific theory and observation.[1]