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As I see it: Chance revisited
Overstreet, D. 1995.  Facts and Faith 9(1):8-9. CELD ID 6514

Chance was king when I grew up. John Cage composed music by tossing coins, and Jackson Pollack, known as Jack the Dripper, slung paint on canvas and called it art. The Dada school of poetry created literature by cutting words out of the newspaper, putting them in a hat, and drawing them out again. Not only art, but life issued from Chance. I remember the First Family, a furry lot, vividly illustrated in my biology book: our pileous patriarch returned to the cave, club in hand, bringing dinner to his disheveled wife, who prepared the cooking fire and tended their shaggy kids. A razor, a little plastic surgery, a trip to the beauty shop, some new clothes, the club exchanged for a briefcase, and they were the very image of Ward, June, Wally, and the Beaver! From the pre-Cleavers to Plato to Picasso, we owed it all to Chance. The inference was clear: if Chance were at work, God was not. Or even more simply, if Chance were, God was not. We couldn't have both.