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Science in the news: Mind over matter
Ross, H. 1990.  Facts and Faith 4(3):1-2. CELD ID 6321

Recently I have come across a number of articles on the subject of artificial intelligence, i.e. electronic "thinking." One appeared in Discover magazine, another in Time, and others in less-widely circulated periodicals.1,2 All can be described as optimistic, if I may use that word. They express the materialistic assumption that all the functions of the human soul--the complex of mind, will, and emotions--and even of the human spirit--God-consciousness, self-consciousness, morality, etc.--will soon be shown to be nothing more than the electrical interactions amongst chunks of matter organized as cells in our brain, chance products of biological evolution. Some artificial intelligence enthusiasts, advocates of what is called "strong artificial intelligence," go so far as to suggest that computers may some day (soon) replace mankind as the dominant species on planet Earth, that computers may not only duplicate all the functions of human intellect and personality, but also improve upon them.