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Meeting the Messiah: A close encounter of the ultimate kind: the testimonies of David and Liz Block
Block, D; Block, L. 1990.  Facts and Faith 4(2):4-5. CELD ID 6315

I was born into an Orthodox Jewish family near Johannesburg, South Africa. My growing up years are sprinkled with vivid memories of my Friday evening walks to schul (the synagogue) for Shabbat (Sabbath services). By the time I reached high school age, I found myself wrestling with a perplexing problem: God appeared to have changed. From the rabbis's sermons I understood that the God of Moses was a personal God--directing Moses's steps, telling him His plans. But my God was impersonal, distant, an historical figure. The vital relationship with God enjoyed by the prophets of old seemed no longer possible. How tragic!