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Science in the news: Up or down with the Big Bang?
Ross, H. 1989.  Facts and Faith 3(3):1, 4. CELD ID 6284

My title, here, is prompted by that of a recent full-page editorial comment by John Maddox, of the prestigious research journal, Nature.(1) In his article, "Down with the Big Bang," Maddox predicts that since the young-universe/young-Earth creationists have "impaled themselves on the hook of trying to disprove the relatively recent geological records," it will only be a matter of time before they resort to the doctrine of the Big Bang to support their belief in creation. In that doctrine, after all, they have "ample justification," says Maddox. The rest of his article discusses a recent paper by Lynden-Bell, Katz, and Redmount(2) which supposedly disproves, or significantly alters, the big bang [creation] event.