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Creedal controversy: The orthodoxy of "days"
Samples, KR. 2001.  Facts for Faith (7):54. CELD ID 5861

Should a specific view of the nature and duration of the creation days of Genesis be considered a part of the Christian creed? Does an "orthodox" position on the creation days exist, as it does for the Trinity and the Incarnation? Over the past few years a number of theologically conservative denominations (for example, Orthodox Presbyterian Church, Presbyterian Church in America, and the United Reformed Churches of North America) have discussed and debated the controversial questions of how to understand the Genesis creation days. Recently, both the Presbyterian Church in America (PCA) and Westminster Theological Seminary, one of evangelicalism's most conservative and well-respected theological institutions, released statements announcing their conclusions. In light of the statement set forth by Westminster Theological Seminary (WTS), a number of reasons emerge fro resisting the push to make the nature and duration of the creation days a test of orthodoxy.