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Human Anatomy: can't I do as I please with my own body
Samples, KR. 2000.  Facts for Faith (4):49-51. CELD ID 5801

The American "zeitgeist" (a German term referring to "the spirit of the age" - the general intellectual, moral, and cultural climate of the era) reflects an increasing secularization. One of the signs of this growth in secularism is the prevalent and strong appeal to radical human autonomy. Many people today simply view themselves as being utterly independent, absolutely self-governing, and as total free agents. This new spirit of autonomy exceeds more traditionally accepted standards concerning human freedom and liberty. Today, autonomy often includes independence form God. This self-proclaimed freedom is clearly visible in popular culture's libertarian response to such ethical and social issues as physician -assisted suicide, euthanasia, abortion, infanticide, drug use, prostitution, and virtually all individual sexual practices. this autonomy is often expressed in the popular libertarian mantra: " As long as my actions do not harm anyone else, I am free to do as I please with my own body."