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Gish, DT. 1987.  Impact 171:i-iv. CELD ID 3016

What do the fossils of a bird and of a "hominid," separated by almost 225 million years on the evolutionary time scale, have in common? Technically, not much, but they both have powerfully rattled the cages of evolutionists, springing new leaks in a rotting theory, already threatening to founder in the Arctic seas of cold, hard scientific facts. The "hominid" is an alleged 1.8-million-year-old fossil of a creature called , discovered in the Olduvai Gorge of Tanzania by an expedition headed by Donald Johanson, Director of the Institute of Human Origins, University of California, Berkeley. Evolutionists have always maintained that is intermediate between apes and man. The fossil bird was discovered in the "225-million-year-old" Dockum Formation near Post, Texas, by Sankar Chatterjee, a paleontologist at Texas Tech University. The article in , a British science journal, announcing the discovery of the two fossilized birds was headlined, "Fossil Bird Shakes Evolutionary Hypotheses," and the article in , an American science journal, discussing the discovery of the fossil "hominid" was entitled, "The Earliest `Humans' Were More Like Apes."