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Who am I? Torah and psychological definitions of self
Kovacs, M. 2005.  BH 15:75-83. CELD ID 21531

Definitions of self are fundamental in both Torah and sociology, which share major areas of convergence as well as divergence. I shall examine concepts of self found bin both the revealed and the hidden parts of the Torah as well as in the thought of classical sociologists like Max Weber and Karl Marx and contemporary sociologists like C. Wright Mills and Robert Wuthnow. I shall also examine the complementary but different Hasidic concepts of the G-dly soul and the collective self. Finally, sociologist Philip Wexler's paradigm of mystical sociology will be explained as a novel attempt to fuse sociology and mysticism to better explain and understand the nature of humans and society. Wesler's explanation of "re-selfing" brilliantly integrate the work of social science and religion to posit a vision of self and society, transformed from alienation to personal and collective redemption.