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Helpmates: Mother and father as cotherapy model
Hoffman, S. 2004.  BH 14:154-157. CELD ID 21515

Husband and wife contribute their unique genetic makeup as well as their unique personality traits to their offspring. The child, whether he likes it or not, is influenced by the contrasting attitudes and behaviors of his parent toward him/her and by significant people in his/her environment. Mother and father represent two forces, two models for relationship. In the Jewish tradition, the mother expresses unconditional love and acceptance, providing the child with emotional encouragement and support, while the father expresses expectation, responsibility, limitations, and discipline. The former fulfills the nurturant role; the latter, the instrumental role. The former fulfills the child's emotional needs, enabling him/her to cope with the challenges and demands of life; the latter provides the tools. Both contrasting influences are vital to assuring that the child grows up physically and emotionally healthy, mature, moral, successful, and contented. These insights and views are the foundation of a psychotherapeutic approach know as "dialectical cotherapy."