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Judaism versus homosexuality: A historical, religious, and psychological review
Lehrman, NS. 2004.  BH 14:137-152. CELD ID 21514

This paper examines why the traditional Jewish ban on homosexuality is correct. Judaism was the first faith to ban homosexuality. That ban, retained by Christianity and Islam, channeled sexual activity into the marital bed, thus totally transforming family life. Sex became the spousal bond of faithful, passionate love underlying the stable families within which the products of that sexual love are best raised. The defiance and promiscuity characterizing the American homosexual political movement totally oppose the Jewish traditions of fidelity and lawfulness. While we may not always be able to control our sexual feelings, we are solely responsible for our sexual behavior. Sexual criminals-homosexuals, pederasts and rapists-were the heart of the Nazi Party, as was well recognized then. Indeed, German-Jewish historian Samuel Igra suggests that the key reason for Hitler's uniquely vicious anti-Semitism was Judaism's dedication to the Law especially concerning sexuality. The American homosexual political movement, though, has skillfully transformed the public perception of Nazi-era homosexuals from vicious criminals to innocent victims.