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The extreme longevity of the early generations in Genesis
Aviezer, N. 2004.  BH 14:73-81. CELD ID 21502

The Torah speaks of people who lived for more than nine hundred years, culminating in Methusaleh, who died at the age of 969. These Genesis accounts seem to be inconceivable, in view of the centenarian life spans observed today with the availability of modern medical care. What happened in the past to account for the extremely long life spans recorded in Genesis? Why did such long life spans cease at the time of the Exodus from Egypt? What is required to reintroduce extreme longevity into the human experience. We shall present recent discoveries that indicate that scientists are finally beginning to understand the process of biological aging, and the functioning of the "biological clock" that governs the life span of all living creatures. Reports in the recent scientific literature speak of the possibility of human beings living "for many hundreds of years, in good health." This new scientific understanding of the aging process has shown that there is no barrier to human life spans of a thousand years. Thus, we find yet another instance of harmony between science and the Torah.