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Time, space, and being: An introduction
Lipskar, SD. 2004.  BH 14:5-10. CELD ID 21492

It is significant that the title of this conference is "Time, Space, and Being." The Hebrew concept for this is Olam, Shanah, Nefesh, olam meaning world/space, shanah meaning year/time, and nefesh meaning soul/being. These three words form the acronym for ashan, meaning smoke, as in the verse Ve'har Sinai julo ashan (Mount Sinai was full of smoke). Revelation must permeate our entire existence. Each of us is a reflection of Mount Sinai. Olam-the world/space where G-dliness is concealed and nature is obvious-represents our biological organs (heart, brain, arms, legs, and even emotions) and their chemical, hormonal functions. Olam is the physical reality of a person. Shanah represents the timeline of life experience. Nefesh transcends spatial temporal existence.