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Book review: Torah and Science: Their Interplay in the World Scheme by Yehudah Levi
anonymous. 2007.  BH 17:186-187. CELD ID 21468

Professor Yehudah Levi, deeply appreciated advisor and contributor to B'Or Ha'Torah, has updated and expanded his comprehensive, extensively documented study, Torah and Science: Their Interplay in the World Scheme. Professor Levi's talmudic and secular erudition flows naturally from his family and community background of pious industrious German Jews who observed and learned Torah while pursuing careers in science and medicine. Levi holds a PhD in physics and rabbinical ordination from Rabbis Y. Hutner and J. Breuer. He has authored numerous books on science and Judaism and major textbooks on optics. He founded the electro-optics department at the Jerusalem College of Technology, where he also served as rector.