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Creatio ex Nihilo, Number Theory, Quantum Vacuum, and the Big Bang
Poltorak, A. 2007.  BH 17:115-121. CELD ID 21460

This informal paper is a continuation of a discussion I had with Dr. Tsvi (Victor) Saks, of blessed memory, about using Peano's axiomatic approach in arithmetic as an analogy to illustrate the principle of yesh me'ayin, or the creation of something from nothing (creatio ex nihilo). Can we find at least a rough example or a course illustration of creatio ex nihilo in the world of mathematics and physics? The function of an empty set in set theory, the behavior of a quantum vacuum, and Big Bang Theory are explored as illustration to-no parallels of-G-d's creation of something (everything actually) from literally absolutely nothing. In the examples given below, the starting point is of course never the absolute nothing that preceded the six days of Creation.