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DNA markers that illuminate Israelite/Jewish migration
Wahrman, MZ. 2007.  BH 17:97-112. CELD ID 21458

The use of genetic technology, in particular, the analysis and comparison of specific DNA sequences, can shed light on family relationships and kinship. This type of research has also been successfully applied to studies on the migration and dispersal of larger groups, i.e., populations with common origins and ancestry, Members of Jewish communities dispersed throughout the world who share common origins and ancestry also carry common genetic markers. The markers that are associated with Israelite/Jewish populations, specific DNA sequences called haplotypes, have been identified and studied in Jewish and non-Jewish populations around the world. The study of those markers has made it possible to analyze and confirm patterns of migration and assimilation, some of which have been documented by historical evidence and others that were previously unknown. This paper presents and analyzes data on Israelite/Jewish genetic haplotypes with regard to Israelite/Jewish migration, an din some cases assimilation, in Asia, Africa, Europe, and North and South America. Just as archeological methods confirm our biblical historical record, so can genetic studies illuminate the process of migration of the Israelite/Jewish people, the wandering Jews, over the millennia.