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Rabbinic silence: Intelligent design?
Tendler, MD. 2007.  BH 17:87-94. CELD ID 21456

The disengagement of Torah scholars from secular amoral society has allowed for autonomy and "feel-good morality" to become the yardstick by which societal morality is evaluated. The absence of intense dialogue between rabbinic decisors and the leaders of the professions and the business world has left our co-religionists uninstructed on issues that impact on Torah values. The rabbinic community has failed to influence those who set ethical and moral standards for our secular society. During the battle in the United States court systems over whether biological evolution should be taught with or without a concurrent discussion of Intelligent Design, the Torah community was not heard. The counter attack that must be launched is clearly enunciated in our Torah, but no one is listening because we are silent.