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The Anthropic Principle
Aviezer, N. 2007.  BH 17:69-84. CELD ID 21454

In recent years, it has become clear to many scientists that the universe appears to have been specifically designed for the existence and well-being of human beings. This phenomenon, which has attracted considerable attention in the science community, is know as the "Anthropic Principle" (from the Greek word anthropos, meaning "man"). The Anthropic Principle expresses itself in two ways: (1) very slight changes in the laws of nature would have made it impossible for life to exist, and (2)human life would not have been possible if not for the occurrence in the past of a large number of highly improbably events. Whereas the secular scientist sees these occurrences as mere lucky accidents, the believing person sees in them the guiding hand of the Creator. I shall show that, in contrast to the views of the secular scientists, the believing person is indeed justified in seeing the Anthropic Principle as a confirmation of his or her belief in the A-lmighty.