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Monkeying around with hominid evolution
Hanoka, Y. 2007.  BH 17:37-47. CELD ID 21450

Paleontologists who deal with human origins operate with the tacit assumption that evolution is an established fact. This leads to the belief that humans are descended from less advanced creatures, the so-called "hominids." This view is totally at variance with what the Torah says regarding our origin. What, in fact, is the evidence for hominid evolution? There are, basically, two forms of "evidence." One is the assignment and identification of a particular fossil-a task that has been suffused with controversy throughout the past century. The second is the dating of these fossils. We shall discuss the heated controversies regarding fossil identification and ask whether much of this constitutes real science. We shall also explore the problems contained within the fossil dates as they relate to geologic factors.