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Teaching evolution in Jewish schools
Spetner, LM. 2007.  BH 17:5-14. CELD ID 21447

Evolution should definitely be taught in the life-science courses in Jewish high schools. It should be taught critically rather than as indoctrination. the mechanism of mutations and natural selection should be explained together with evidence for them. These concepts should be made sufficiently clear to enable students to understand why people accept the theory of evolution. The distinction between different uses of the term "evolution" there is evidence and for what kind there is not. Evolutionism, which is a philosophy espousing that life originated and evolved through purely natural events can be described and explained, noting that it is held by many secularists but Jewish tradition rejects it, and pointing out that it is not science. Explaining the scientific fallacies on which evolutionism is built is appropriate for a science class. Several of the most important and popular of the scientific fallacies of molecules-to-man evolution are described and explained in this paper.