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Artificial, Human, and Infinite Intelligence
Zukin, Y. 2002.  BH 13:139-147. CELD ID 21435

Scientists increasingly perceive how imprecision is inherent in all physical system. Through fuzzy logic, which uses artificial intelligence, it is possible to simulate human intelligence and model the ways in which human being organize information and reason with it, even when it is vague. Encompassing the one eternal truth, the Torah knows that human life is not black or white. The Torah recognizes human imprecision and different degrees of understanding and observing the commandments. This paper endeavors to show how the new viewpoint of science in dealing with imprecise information is moving towards that of the infinite intelligence of the Torah. In normal set theory, an object is either a member of a set or not. There are only two states: "0" or "1," "yes" or "no," and so on. In fuzzy set theory, an object can be a member of a set to a certain degree. Science is accepting its own imprecision and dependence on the observer, who not only reasons with opposites, but uses different gradations to define concepts, such as "almost good." The Code of Jewish Law gives clear halakhic.