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Entropy prior to the Fall
Kofahl, RE. 1973.  CRSQ 10(3):154-156. CELD ID 1739

The assumption that the second law of thermodynamics was not in effect in the physical universe until after the Fall and imposition of the curse leads to many difficulties. Processes essential to life in the natural order, as well as thermodynamic order and predictability in all of nature are dependent upon the relationships involved in the second law. Scriptural data may be used to deduce that prior to the Fall the state of nature was one of natural, not supernatural order, though the living creatures and ecological systems were in a state of physical perfection. It is therefore postulated that conditions described by the second law came into existence after Creation and prior to the Fall, that the disruptive and degenerative effects of random processes upon living systems were divinely constrained, and that the removal of this constraint constituted one aspect of the curse.