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Book review: Evolution's Hand: Searching for the Creator in Contemporary Science by John Cafferky
Rana, FR. 1999.  PSCF 51(1):. CELD ID 14801

Cafferky holds degrees from Trinity College in Dublin and currently teaches mathematics in Toronto. However, prior to that, he spent eight years as Chief Geologist at the Agnico Eagle Mines, Joutel site, in northwestern Quebec. His team worked on Archaean rocks over two billion years old that were unusual due to their pristine condition. These rocks did not suffer from the typical deformations seen in other deposits. This discovery played an important role in determining that the rock's metal sulfide deposits were contemporaneous with the rocks themselves. Because of the rarity of the Joutel site deposits, the author hosted over a thousand visiting geologists during his eight years at the site, and the consequences of the syngenetic origin of the metal sulfide deposits ultimately inspired this book. Cafferky realized that the Archaean waters of the earth must have been saturated with metals and other minerals posing serious problems for the conventional Darwinistic origin of life scenario. To Cafferky, it seemed highly unlikely that the sequestering of pure chemicals required for the origin of life could occur in what appears to be the highly contaminated Archaean environment of earth. Cafferky concluded that the current mainstream ideas for the origin of life had been "sanitized to form an allegiance with Darwinian thinking that finally reduces to its own form of blind faith." This book is the result of Cafferky's own personal search and discovery of the theological implications that modern-day science has uncovered regarding the evolutionary processes at work in both the physical and biological realms.